Streamline Contractor Management  with Generate Connect

Achieve the Transparency and Compliance Essential for Your Success

Elevating Contractor Success with Superior Subcontractor Management

UK Based Support With Dedicated Account Managers

Purpose-built for your industry and customer requirements

Easy to manage, fast to implement

Full communication functionality with SMS and email

Effortlessly Onboard Subcontractors and Cut Administrative Hassle

Seamless Onboarding

Quickly and efficiently onboard all subcontractors, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free start to their engagement.

Easy Payments

Simplify subcontractor invoicing and payments, making your payment process seamless and stress-free.

Full Financial Transparency

Experience unparalleled financial transparency with detailed management and transaction insights, surpassing competitor capabilities.

Compliance Management

Protect your business from legal issues and penalties with comprehensive compliance management.

DocuSign Enabled

Streamline contract and document signing with DocuSign, the market-leading e-sig solution.

Driver Profile Management Section

Efficient Subcontractor Profile Management with the Generate Connect Portal

  • Centralise subcontractor details within the portal for easy access.

  • Easily download subcontractor contracts and documents at the touch of a button for audit-related purposes.

  • View all previous payments and the length of engagement for each driver.

  • Validate subcontractor RTW (Right to Work) and driving license evidence effortlessly.

Track Every Payment:
Precise Payment Monitoring for Main Contractors

Gain full control and transparency over your payments to subcontractors, ensuring every transaction is clear and accountable.

Company Finances

Monitor and manage your company’s financial payments to subcontractors with detailed analytics and real-time reporting, ensuring accuracy and accountability for all transactions.

Contractor Finances

Track and analyse individual subcontractor payments efficiently with comprehensive financial insights, showing all payments made from the start of their engagement.

Retention Monitoring

Monitor retention levels with advanced tools, enabling you to maintain optimal contractor engagement and satisfaction across all your locations.

Full Financial Documentation

Contractors can download complete financial documentation for all payments, including remittance advices, sales invoices, and statements on a quarterly and annual basis.

How Generate Connect Manages Your Subcontractor's Finances

Generate Connect offers invoicing and payment services for all subcontractors, with optional accountancy services to manage their accounts seamlessly.

Each driver has an account set up from day one, ensuring transparent and efficient tracking of all transactions.

Full Accountancy

Generate Connect can provide subcontractors with full accountancy services, including managing their tax affairs, VAT, and expenses.

Financial Documents

Subcontractors are provided with necessary financial documents, including weekly remittances, invoices, and quarterly and annual statements.

Secure, Transparent & User-Friendly Solutions

Trusted by the best

We are the #1 solution for the modern UK workforce, partnering with the best in 105 countries. With 12k+ contractors paid weekly, 512 recruitment partners, and 12+ industries served, we have over 11 years of trusted trading experience.

Multi-level security for peace of mind

Our platform adheres to industry-leading security standards, storing personal information with robust protocols and safeguarding transactions with advanced encryption. We comply with GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, AICPA, PCI, and TRUSTe standards.

Comprehensive Financial Management for Drivers

We offer a complete range of financial management services tailored for subcontractors. Our three packages—Invoicing, Accountancy, and Accountancy Plus—ensure all aspects of drivers’ finances, including VAT management, are handled efficiently and transparently.

Compliance and control monitoring

Easily identify subcontractor UTR risks, gain insight into VAT registered subcontractors, and keep track of document expiry risks. Automated DVLA checks for driving license updates coming soon.

Ready to streamline your subcontractor management? Get started in minutes!

Why handle all the paperwork and financial tracking yourself? Generate Connect’s platform seamlessly integrates with your processes, simplifying subcontractor management and financial oversight. Our user-friendly solution ensures transparent and efficient handling of all subcontractor transactions.

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