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What Is Generate Collective (PEO)?

Generate Collective (PEO) is a contractor management solution that offers Joint Employment as an extension of the Fixed PAYE Rate model. 


Both the agency and Generate act as the employer and share employment duties. Responsibilities of each partner are agreed in a separate framework agreement. A typically appointed duties agreement allocates recruitment, right-to-work checks and payment rates to the agency and HR and payroll to the contractor management (Umbrella) company. 


Though not yet common practice in the UK, the PEO model is recognised by HMRC and is gradually increasing in popularity as an alternative to Umbrella.

How PEO Benefits Your Business

  • Reduce cash flow requirements and finance costs through the reduction of VAT between employers
  • Minimise the risk of non-compliance
  • Reduce administrative contractor care, HR, and payroll tasks and internal headcount
  • Gain access to industry experts and receive personalised advice on employee HR and payroll legislation and regulations

How PEO Benefits Your Candidates

  • An extra layer of employment security through joint employment
  • FREE CPD courses
  • Access to thousands of high-street and online retailer discounts and offers
  • Fixed PAYE rates
  • Simplified employment chain
  • Retain the flexibility of contract work, while maintaining the benefits of continued employment

Why Partner With Generate?

Tailored Service – We invest time in understanding your agency on an individual basis and tailor our services to your specific business and contractor needs.


Personal Advice & Support – You will receive a dedicated business manager and account manager from day one. Each question, referral and request your business makes, is handled by your allocated team. This ensures businesses requirements and expectations are always met on time.


Compliant Pay – By partnering with Generate, you can rest assured all contractor payments are subject to PAYE and national insurance. Guaranteed 100% compliant. No supply chain risk for you or your client.


Contractor Perks – All our contractors receive an extensive benefits package that includes free CPD courses, hundreds of discounts to high street stores and workplace insurance.