Flexibility Unleashed, Benefits Assured.

Effortlessly manage multiple agency contracts under one employment status, enjoying tax benefits, essential insurances, and lifestyle perks at no extra cost.

What is Umbrella Employment?

An Umbrella Solution allows contractors the flexibility of working through multiple agencies, while maintaining a single employer status. This can be beneficial for tax purposes as your tax-free allowance can be applied to your total weekly earnings, not your individual agency earnings.

As an Umbrella contractor, you become a Generate worker and will be eligible for entitlements such as sick pay, maternity / paternity pay and a holiday pay plan. You will also be covered by Generate’s Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our employees gain access to a Perks Portal that is designed to help contractors get the most out of their earnings. Save money on discounted cinema tickets, high-street stores, restaurants and bars, while also enjoying access to a fantastic range of learning, health and fitness content.

Is Umbrella Right For You?

We work with most recruitment agency across the UK, so wherever you are sourcing your assignments, we can look after your payroll arrangements.  Rest easy knowing you are guaranteed to be paid on time, every time and your pay will also remain 100% with all UK tax legislation.

Other Umbrella Benefits


Huge discounts to your favourite stores and restaurants to help make your earnings go further.


Discounted movies, theatre and attraction tickets. Everybody deserves a bit of fun!


Discounted education courses designed to help you further your career.

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