Welcome to the Generate family

Generate is an industry-leading contractor payroll solutions provider, specialising in payroll management, outsourced employment, international services and limited company accounting.

Our key commitment is to provide contractors with the most effective, accurate and compliant payroll solutions.

We are proud to work with the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, offering a streamlined service for contractors engaged on assignments across the country, as well as operating over 35 active in-country payroll solutions for those working overseas.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we are able to constantly develop and improve the payroll solutions services we offer. Due to the constantly changing nature of the contracting industry, we strive to be one step ahead, continuously developing products to ensure contractors are kept tax efficient while benefiting from a fully compliant service.

Company History

Generate’s Founder and Managing Director, Adam Barton, spent over 10 years working in the contracting industry before deciding to establish his own company, focused on providing compliant and tax-efficient payroll solutions for contractors, wherever and whatever their circumstances. It is this drive and passion that has seen Generate grow to become one of the UK’s largest contractor services providers.

Our mission is to maximise a contractor’s take home pay whilst ensuring a 100% compliant payroll solution and first class contractor care.  Our combination of passionate, dedicated individuals and financial expertise ensures we always deliver on this goal.